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On the basis of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of July 27, 2006 No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data”, I confirm that the personal data I specified during registration, namely: full name, contact phone number, e-mail address, delivery address , as well as other information that I will inform the Russian Fish Company Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as the Company), location address: 121353, Russia, Moscow, st. Belovezhskaya, 4, cor. V, actual/postal address: 121353, Russia, Moscow, st. Belovezhskaya, 4, cor. B, reported by me of my own free will and in my interest by filling out an electronic questionnaire in the Internet application / web resource “Russian Fish Company” in order to receive services from the Company and purchase goods in the Internet application / web resource “Russian Fish Company” , creating an information system, storing information on a tangible medium and / or on an electronic medium), for processing such data in any way not prohibited by law (including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating, modification, clarification, extraction, use, transfer , distribution, provision, access, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction, including to ensure the conduct of marketing and advertising campaigns, promotion of goods and services by making direct contacts with me through various means of communication using automation tools and without them.

  1. I hereby acknowledge and confirm that if it is necessary to provide personal data to achieve the above goals to a third party (including partners of the Company and credit institutions), as well as when third parties are involved in the provision of services for these purposes, the transfer by the Company of owned its functions and powers to another person, the Company has the right to disclose information about me personally (including my personal data) to such third parties, their agents and other persons authorized by them, to the extent necessary to perform the above actions, and also provide such persons with relevant documents containing such information . I also hereby acknowledge and confirm that this Consent is deemed to be given by me to any third parties listed above, mutatis mutandis, and any such third parties have the right to process my personal data based on this Consent.
  2. Hereby, in accordance with paragraph 1. Art. 18 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of March 13, 2006 No. No. 38-F3 “On Advertising” I unconditionally agree to the sending of messages about orders, promotions, offers and Company news to my contact phone number and e-mail address.
  3. The period during which this Consent is valid is 1 (one) year and lasts until my withdrawal of the Consent, which I must (on) provide in writing against signature on receipt to the authorized representative of the Company at the address: 121353, Russia, Moscow, st. Belovezhskaya, 4, cor. B with the requirement to terminate the processing of the specified personal data (except for data subject to unconditional storage in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation), which must be executed no later than 60 (sixty) calendar days from the date of delivery of the consent revocation. If within the specified period of validity of the Consent, I do not receive a revocation of the Consent, then this consent is automatically extended for another year. The number of renewals of this Consent is not limited.
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