Our company

Russian Sea Group’s Chilled and Frozen Division (Russian Fish Company) is a leading distributor of chilled and frozen fish and seafood in Russia. In 2009 the company sold 180 thousand tonnes of fish and seafood which accounted for approximately 12% of the Russian fish and seafood market according to Rosstat.


Russian Fish Company works with more than 60 suppliers, many of whom are leading global and domestic fishing and aquaculture companies. These include Marine Harvest, Shetland Catch, Norway Pelagic and others. The company has a well-balanced product portfolio and a presence across the majority of price and product segments. The division produces over fifteen types of fish and seafood, including: salmon, trout, cod, herring, shrimp, squid, mackerel, pollock and flounder, of which salmon and trout are the most popular.


Through its efficient network of branches, Russian Fish Company sells and distributes fish and seafood to national and regional retail chains, regional distributors and fish processing companies throughout Russia.


The company’s main warehouse is located in the port of St. Petersburg; this is used as both a trading warehouse and hub for further distribution. The Russian Fish Company warehouse network comprises 18 facilities across Russia, some of which are used as regional hubs. The company works with more than 10 major transport companies in Russia and its products are delivered both by refrigerated trucks and by railway. Its logistics network allows the company to deliver chilled fish to Russia in as little as a week.