Commercial indicators

The company’s many years of experience, effective planning, and also the high standards which its employees demand of themselves have not only enabled it to fill a gap in the market but have also made the Russian Fish Company into the most well-known brand among both international traders (our competitors) and suppliers of seafood. Most important of all, we have gained our customers’ trust.

The company is now a reliable, serious and scrupulous partner. Among the Russian Fish Company’s suppliers are all the countries which lead the world in catching and breeding fish. Loyalty and long-term cooperation facilitate the development of a dealer’s network and the creation of its own sales offices which now embrace all of Russia’s major regions.

Today, the company’s share of the Russian market in fish and seafood is continually expanding. Turnover is rising, and the product range is growing. Openness, friendliness, and always being open to the introduction of new technology make the Russian Fish Company good partner for cooperation.