White fish: types, taste and useful properties

Health experts tell us we should eat more fish. And we are all for it. We are looking for salmon, trout, tuna. But sometimes the recipe just calls for “white fish”.

White fish is a popular type of seafood known for its soft meat with dense texture, delicate taste and attractive appearance.

White fish is prepared quickly and is usually not very expensive. Popular species of white fish — tilapia, cod, perch, Flounder, Haddock – they are great for frying, baking, steaming, quick cooking on strong fire gives the dish a delicious taste!

White fish can be cooked in a variety of ways, making it perfect for just about any occasion.

Types of white fish:

– marine: sea bream, catfish, flounder, mullet, pollock, capelin, perch, halibut, haddock, pollock, herring, sea bass, mackerel, greenling, tilapia, cod, hake;

– freshwater: bream, burbot, zander, pike.

White fish is ideal for people who are looking for healthier meats because it can be high in nutrients and protein with limited calories and fat.

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