Overview of the assortment in the “White fish” direction

Our company, “Russian Fish Company“, is a leader in the supply of fresh frozen fish and seafood. We are proud to offer a diverse range of high quality products that meet the highest standards.

Catalogue – Fresh frozen – White fish
Cod fish👉 https://rusfishcom.ru/en/cases_tax/cod/
Haddock 👉 https://rusfishcom.ru/en/cases_tax/haddock/
Pollock 👉 https://rusfishcom.ru/en/cases_tax/pollock/
Herring 👉 https://rusfishcom.ru/en/cases_tax/herring-imported_pelagic/
Flounder 👉 https://rusfishcom.ru/en/cases_tax/flounder/
Tilapia 👉 https://rusfishcom.ru/en/cases_tax/tilapia/
Catfish 👉 https://rusfishcom.ru/en/cases_tax/catfish/
Heck 👉 https://rusfishcom.ru/en/cases_tax/hake-fish/

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