Haddock – beneficial properties and interesting facts

Haddock fish can be identified by a black mark on their side, which some call the “Devil’s fingerprint.” Haddock is popular among fish lovers.

Haddock is a type of cod with white, tender flesh that has a sweetish taste. It differs from cod in the presence of a thin layer of connective tissue covering the flesh. Tender, firm and smooth meat and a sweet flavor make haddock a top choice for fish and chips.

Haddock is high in protein, vitamin B, and beneficial minerals.

Haddock fish can be prepared in many ways due to its versatile flavor. For example, you can fry, grill, boil, bake and deep fry. The smoked one is also very good. In the Faroe Islands, haddock is dried in the wind and is considered a delicacy for this special form of Faroese cooking.


Haddock has black markings above its pectoral fins and a distinctive dark stripe on its sides. These marks are sometimes called “the Devil’s fingerprints.”

According to legend, the Devil wanted to repeat the miracle of Jesus, who fed the people with only five loaves of bread and two fish. While Jesus used cod, the Devil wanted to use haddock, so he reached into the ocean and grabbed the haddock. Haddock managed to escape the Devil’s searingly hot grip, but not without injury. The black markings are said to be the thumbprints and hoofprints of the Devil.


Haddock belongs to the cod family. In the Faroe Islands it is called Hýsa. It is usually smaller than cod, but can reach lengths of more than a meter. The color is darker on top and lighter on the sides, and has three dorsal and two rear fins.

Haddock prefers to swim in water from 4 to 10 C. It is found off the coast of Canada and North America, from Newfoundland to Cape Hatteras, in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, in the North, Norwegian and Baltic Seas.

Haddock primarily lives near the seabed of the Atlantic Ocean among rocks, gravel and sand and is considered a bottom-dwelling fish. However, it can also swim in the upper layers of the ocean at a depth of 10 to 300 meters. Its main sources of nutrition are crustaceans, various types of worms, and they also eat other fish and shellfish.

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