About freezing fish

As you know, fish is frozen in blocks or individually, both whole and fillets. With piece freezing, each of the fish or fillets is frozen one at a time and covered with glaze. As a result, it is evenly covered with ice. Such fish is more expensive, since freezing is expensive, and it takes up more volume during transportation. The fillet is frozen individually or in blocks, placed in a special film. Such a fillet retains all its taste properties for a long time.

  • Shock Freeze

There is also shock freezing. It is impossible to do it at home. With this type of freezing, a very low temperature is created, and the fish is still blown with ice air. As a result, very small ice crystals form in it, without deforming it, unlike freezing in a conventional refrigerator, which kills the taste, structure in the fish and turns it into something indigestible.

  • Icing

When we come to the store and buy fish, we see that it has icing on it. It is a crust of ice, and protects the fish from dehydration. Without glaze, the fish will turn into a product completely devoid of moisture. It is impossible to eat. Glaze, its thickness and % of the mass of fish is regulated by GOST and is at a level of no more than seven percent.

  • Dry Freeze

In the dry form of freezing, there is also glaze, only its percentage is no more than two percent. As a rule, during such a freezing, the fish is not pumped with water and brines in order to artificially increase its mass. It is worth noting the fact that the icing is used by retail chains to increase the weight and attractive appearance of fish.

  • How to cheat on frozen fish

When it is sent to the PRC from Russian trawlers, it is processed at fish factories, and then returned to the shelves of Russian stores, only with increased weight. The fillet is beaten off with the likeness of a brush, the fish fibers are split and water is poured into the voids formed. As a result, it becomes heavier. After packaging, it is sent to the supermarket shelves in the Russian Federation. Her appearance does not indicate that she was processed, but the client does not even know about the artificially increased weight,

When the buyer, having chosen her, comes home and starts frying, she literally cringes in the pan several times. Its taste also undergoes changes, and all the useful properties of the product disappear. In fact, you are paying for the extra weight and the water that you pumped into the fish.

There is another kind of deception, more expensive – injection. They can inject not only with water, but also with brines, various additives with phosphates are used. As a result, the fish becomes larger in mass, and therefore more expensive. And this is done not only with whole fish, but also with their fillets, as well as with meat products. This is done for only one purpose – to deceive the buyer so that he also pays for ice and injections. There is no need to talk about the good taste of such fish either.

Therefore, when buying fish products, you need to carefully look at the labels, they should indicate the weight of the fish without glaze, and choose reliable manufacturers who are responsible for the quality of the goods supplied.