About squid

Squid is a popular seafood variety, a type of shellfish found in oceans around the world, an excellent source of nutrients and especially prized in Japanese cuisine .

Japanese restaurants serve squid in a variety of ways. These serving styles include sashimi, sushi, tempura (fried), grilled squid and more. Dried squid is very popular in Korea, and a variety of stews and fried dishes are prepared in the Mediterranean region. In North America and Western Europe, fried squid rings are the most popular way to serve this nutritious seafood.

The flavor of squid is relatively mild, does not have a distinct flavor, and tends to absorb various spice flavors.

Squid have a hard, chewy texture and are easy to overcook. After cooking for a long time, squid may become tough and rubbery.

Benefits of squid:

1. It is a good source of heart-healthy nutrients.
2. It contains minerals that support immunity and metabolic functions.
3. It contains many vitamins that support brain and nerve function.
4. It contains nutrients that support the kidneys.
5. It is high in protein and low in fat.

100 grams of product contains:
Protein – 18 g.
Carbohydrates – 2 g.
Fat – 2.2 g.
Energy value 110 kcal.

Nutritionists often recommend squid for its beneficial properties to those who lead a healthy lifestyle, since it contains the daily requirement of protein and contains virtually no fat or carbohydrates. Since they are low in fat, they can be eaten at any time and even for dinner in the evening. They help you feel full thanks to their high protein content. Squid meat promotes the removal of fluid, swelling subsides and weight loss occurs.

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